I'm so empowered and inspired to present this ensemble of AMAZING POWER Moms  who have defied the odds, and found their God-given POWER within, to create their Greatness.  In life, there are No Limits!


P.O.W.E.R. Moms (Persevere -Overcome- Win - Empower - Restore) tells the individual life stories and lessons of Amazing Moms that pushed

past the obstacles

that life presented 

and turned their "test" into a "Testimony"

These phenomenal Moms have PHDs, MBA's and a host of recognitions and awards.  Their impressive resumes include:  College Professors, Financial Advisors, Business Consultants, Life Coaches, Franchise Owners, Entrepreneurs, Speakers; we consider them every day "unsung heroes"

Meet the Co-Authors

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