Brittany Hatcher

Brittany Hatcher Photo.jpg


Brittany Hatcher was born in Fort Worth, Texas and attended all Fort Worth schools before traveling to Tyler, TX for undergraduate studies.  Always interested in science, she thought for a second she would study medicine at Texas College. Her thoughts quickly changed when she learned she had to be smothered by a lab coat most days.  Still, she majored in Biology and wasn’t quite sure what would become of it but knew opportunity would become available once the paper was in hand. Upon graduation Ms. Hatcher returned to Fort Worth to work in three roles at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.  Her love for outreach, linking students to their passions and a liaison led her to several roles supporting families within the Fort Worth Independent School District. That same love for other families thrust her to embark leave FWISD full-time to spend more time with her own children.


Personality and expression has always been important whether competing in dramatic UIL competitions or creating dance routines with her sons.  Now, a single mother two 15-year old Kameron and 10-year old Kobin, Ms. Hatcher enjoys managing her full time clothing resale business – Cute Case Resale,  acting as a taxi cab for her sports-inspired children and planning her next business ventures.


Ms. Hatcher has used writing as a form of expression for as long as she can remember from her science journal publication while in high school, love of writing poetry throughout college, teaching writing to GED students and lastly now this compilation.  She feels this will be a stepping stone to finishing the many book remnants that are floating around her laptop and hopefully creating a masterpiece.

If Ms. Hatcher could sum what’s most important to her in three words they would be family, faith and freedom.  These are the three things that drive her to be push forward, help others and believe that anything is possible.