Nkia Wilson-Haughton


Nkia’s life is truly a testament of triumph amid adversities. From day one of her life, she had to fight for survival after being born at just six months in gestation. A chain of unfortunate events included being in a car wreck and losing her ability to speak with seizure episodes, molested and raped, physically abused, suicide attempt, verbally abused, and rejected for the most part of her life. To date, there are no residuals of her life experiences for this she gives thanks to God.

Her strength is comfort and peace in the Almighty God. Forgiveness and her religion allowed her to turn her life around. It has inspired her to volunteer with the pursuit of her passion to help others overcome. Her zeal comes from being able to identify with the pain and selflessly wanting to nurture and comfort others from all walks of life to include animals. She is a giver at heart which has sparked an idea for launching her own perfume line, writing a book, and establishing a non-profit organization.


Nkia has studied at Molloy College. She is also a Sure Graduate (a subsidiary of the University of Houston). She is a military spouse and a mother of one son. Through it all, she has managed to stay grounded in love for her, God, and others. Her next passion of pursuit entails helping, motivating and inspiring others to be the best they can, and provide the tools and the resources needed to achieve their dreams. Her life example teaches us to follow our dreams, no matter how great.