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Shannon Gooden


Shannon Gooden is an Accountant and Certified Financial Coach with 10 years of experience. She studied at the University of Missouri – Kansas City where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. Shannon has been recognized and awarded for her leadership and mentorship throughout her career and community. 

Her passion is to help break the cycle of financial bondage and to create a mindset to help conquer financial fears. Her goal is to empower and educate people to make the best financial decisions and to achieve financial independence. Outside of the office she dedicates her time conducting financial management classes and workshops around her community. With her knowledge and expertise, she wants to help change the world and current financial situations. 

After 10 years of serving and helping businesses and individuals with their financial needs, she has decided to start her own practice.  Shannon is actively building her own Financial Management Company where she can offer financial management and coaching full time.

She is a mom who wears many hats and although those hats intertwine and become a bit overwhelming, she wears them proudly and with joy. The different hats make her who she is; Bold, Fearless, and always on the move to make a difference. She enjoys being a mom to her five-year-old son Ayden and creating a path for him as well as others. God has given her a purpose and blueprint and she wants to share with the world and encourage moms and others to take the limits off and live a life of abundance and financial peace.