Jaquithia Stinson

Jaquithia Stinson is a God-fearing woman, devoted wife, and loving mother. She and her husband Adrian have been together for 17 years and married for 11 of those years. They share three beautiful kids Ashton (8), Alaia (10), and Adrienne (16). While being a wife and mother often takes precedent and sometimes defines her life there is much more to Mrs. Stinson. Jaquithia also has an MBA in Business Administration, a full-time job, owns a fashion boutique, and runs a non-profit organization.

Jaquithia, has worked in some aspect of contracting for most of her professional career. She previously worked negotiating and administering contracts at the Exchange for 15 years before joining the City of Dallas in 2015. Jaquithia launched her baby, A Touch of Style (ATOS), in May of 2014. ATOS caters to women with a love for fashionable jewelry and stylish handbags. Her mission with her boutique is to provide quality and fashionable merchandise at an attractive price. She currently attends several mid to large scale events throughout the year as a retail vendor. Her latest and biggest venture is her non-profit, Lets Start Giving Foundation (LSGF). LSGF was founded by Jaquithia’s 10-year-old daughter, Alaia Stinson in 2016. While Jaquithia is passionate about her boutique her daughter’s desire for helping the homeless has made growing the non-profit a top business priority. Jaquithia also currently works in the City’s Office of Homeless Solutions. Whether administering contracts for the City or working through the grass root approach via her non-profit, Jaquithia spends a lot of her time providing products and/or services to the homeless. The vision of LSGF is to one day acquire a shelter to temporarily house homeless families and hopefully find a solution to the growing issue of homelessness. Jaquithia’s days start and end by trying to walk in her purpose, being a good wife, and setting the best example possible for her children.