Mary Smith

Mary Smith, Mom, Mimi. Or Ms. Mary is a certified teacher in Special Education, an encourager, and motivator.  Her passion is learning, as she considers herself a lifelong learner. Because of her enthusiasm in educating her students, many of her students have become educators also.  Many of her students called her mama, so the number of “children” that she had each year multiplied tremendously. Her goal has always been to shape young minds to be successful from elementary school and beyond.  After nearly twenty years as a teacher, she decided to pursue another challenge and become a mentor to other teachers.


Life was not always this upbeat for Mary. After 13 years of marriage, she found herself a single mother with three young children.  Uncertain of what to do next, she vowed to take her newfound journey day by day.  She enrolled in Junior College and fell in love with education. Education would be the stepping-stone to create the life that she always wanted.  It is her dream to encourage and inspire other single moms, until they are fully confident, they can make it.  By bettering herself, she was able to raise three successful adult children. RaeShawn, her daughter, is a Best-selling Author, Finance Professional and Public Speaker. Will, her oldest son, is a Best-selling Author and Owner of AMP Fitness, TX. Boyd, her youngest son, is an IT Security Architect and Owner of Aweteks Security. She is also Mimi to seven grandchildren and two grand dogs who she loves spending countless hour with.