Shantania Leggins

Shantania Leggins is a professional financial empowerment coach whose passion is helping women, both married and single, reach their full potential in the area of finances. A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, she currently resides in Katy, Texas. Mrs. Leggins is married to her high school sweetheart and they have five wonderful kids.


Shantania is the founder of Wealth and Elegance an organization that allows women to be comfortable with being in control of their lives financially and still be a woman. In today’s society women who are career driven and financially successful are thought of as not being in a woman’s place. It’s important to educate and empower women to know that they have financial resources and support.


Shantania and her team of financial coaches bring hope to women who are often underserved in the financial services arena. In the words of Leggins and her team of financial coaches they are “bringing Wall Street to Main Street” in a language understood by all, irrespective of their socio-economic status or educational background.


Shantania has been in the financial services industry for the past 17 years. During this time she has worked in the area of Public Accounting for firms such as Deloitte and Touche and power provider Entergy, Inc. Leggins is excited that she along with her team of licensed and certified financial professionals are building a thriving organization aimed at women and families in financial services matters. They endeavor to change the face of this industry, while simultaneously helping millions of women and families transform their lives by taking charge of their finances.

Through lessons learned from personal experience and professionalism, Leggins not only teaches her clients about financial principles, concepts and their powerful effect, but she also creates an environment for her clients to dream again.