Tashara 'TJ' Robinson

There is one word that many people who know Tashara will use when they describe her: CONSISTENT. Tashara is consistently encouraging and full of life. One may be suspicious of such a constant joyful mentality- she has been asked countless times, “Are you always happy?” But Tashara has shown, by working through her own difficulties in life, that one truly does have power over the thoughts they choose, the words they speak, and the actions they take.


Tashara is a mother, author and speaker who hails from Dallas, Texas. She is a graduate of Skyline High School and Texas A&M University-College Station. Tashara was very active during her college days- she was a member of the inaugural Aggie Dance Team and she was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Tashara believed that if she followed the “perfect life plan”-graduate college, get married, be a stay-at-home Mom-she would be happy. Life didn’t work out as planned- Tashara was divorced after 19 years of marriage. The years leading up to and after her divorce were the most difficult, yet the most rewarding. Those years were filled with fear, self-doubt, peace, poise and, eventually, POWER. Her journey of self-discovery yielded a plethora of wisdom that she just could not contain.  So, she began sharing with the world through her speaking engagements, website (tasharajrobinson.com), books, and her daily video podcasts entitled “Powerful Ones”.


The sentence that resonates in Tashara’s spirit all day, each day is:  “WHAT YOU BELIEVE TO BE TRUE, YOU MAKE TRUE.”